Weddings in the UK

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Getting Married in the UK

The day you are joined in matrimony is a day you will never forget, and the most important part of the day is the ceremony. Some couples are looking for a non-religious or partly religious ceremony but also want it to be held in a beautiful location and with the content of their choice. Fortunately, we are lucky to be able to do exactly that.

Legal Requirements

In the UK a marriage contract has to be signed and witnessed in front of a registrar who can also offer to conduct the whole ceremony for you. However, this type of ceremony is quite restrictive and very impersonal. It will be delivered by someone you only meet for the first time on the day and you are likely to be one of many couples they are marrying that day. What if you want to make your ceremony more special and unique to you? What if you want to get to know the person delivering your ceremony, so they can talk about your union in a personal and informed way? This is where I can help. You have two choices:

1. You can do the legal bit at the register office and then have the ceremony (the most important part of the day) at another location (anywhere, it doesn’t have to be licensed for marriages). I can lead the service for you, delivering a ceremony that we have designed and written together.

2. Or you can invite the registrar to a licensed ceremony venue to sign the register and then we can continue with the pre-planned ceremony of your choice.

The Ceremony

Marriage is a huge step for anyone.  It’s the joining together, physically and emotionally of two individuals who have different backgrounds and histories, but whose desire to spend the rest of their lives together, means it’s time to take the next big step.

The ceremony is the most important memory that you will create on the day; the words you say and the deeds that are done will seal the commitment between you. This needs careful planning and preparation.

You will be able to choose every aspect of the ceremony including your entrance, music, vows, readings, poetry, the inclusion of unity ceremonies – you may even choose to have a themed wedding! The choices are endless and I will work with you to ensure that you have the perfect ceremony for you, and that everything runs smoothly on the day.

The Venue

Most importantly you can choose any venue to host your special day. You can hold your wedding ceremony in your own home or garden, in a park, in a hotel, a local hall or anywhere you choose –  the venue doesn’t have to be licensed for marriage. (A great way of cutting costs as venues that are licensed for marriage tend to be very expensive). For example, the stunning Mill House in Garstang, pictured here, is the venue of choice for one of my weddings in May 2019.

You can hold your wedding ceremony in the evening if you wish or on any day of the week. I will help you to design your ceremony and will conduct it at your chosen venue; this can be the same day following your register office signing or at a later date to suit you and your guests.