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Funeral Ceremonies

A funeral ceremony is the last thing we can do for someone we love. Whether their death is sudden or expected, planning the ceremony with love, respect and in keeping with their wishes, is vital. No two ceremonies are the same, but what all my services do have in common is that they are all written to be as positive and uplifting as possible; ceremonies that pay tribute to the person who has died and help their families to say goodbye in the most meaningful way for them.

A Civil Funeral lies between a religious service and a Humanist ceremony. A Civil Ceremony can be totally non-religious but if you wish to include an element of religion or spirituality, you can; I have no religious affiliation and am happy to include or exclude any religious or spiritual elements as requested. The important factor to remember is that the choice really is yours, and that your ceremony can take any form you wish. The ceremony can be highly personalised and we can incorporate a particular interest or theme or simply use readings, poems and music to reflect personality, wishes, values and beliefs. I have a wealth of ideas, suggestions and resources to help you create the perfect ceremony.

Whether you have been given my details by your Funeral Director, or have found me direct, I will guide you with kindness, support and professionalism through the creation and delivery of a ceremony which you can be assured will be a fitting tribute to your loved one.

I am able to offer funeral ceremonies in both the UK and France; generally, I’ll be in France for the summer months and in the UK for the rest of the year. It’s always worth checking my availabilty though if you do find yourself needing my services outside of those times.



What the families say…

From my heart I cannot express enough, our thanks to Lisa, who on Friday 16th February took the funeral of my mother in law at Lytham Crematorium. From our first meeting in our home, we knew that she was the perfect choice for our family.

The funeral itself was a very personal and humbling service. Albeit very sad, the way in which Lisa delivered the eulogy was very caring.

Lisa then came back to Blackpool Cricket Club and delivered a further Celebration of Life Ceremony, where we shared a lot of memories from friends and family, who stood up and spoke about their memories with Marion. Lisa again put this part of the day together in such a good way and I would really recommend to do this, as it softens the sadness of the day and brought a lot of laughter. Not only that it gave the closest people to Marion a way to express their feelings and feedback from guests was that it helped with their grieving too. Even a few of the older ladies there asked me for Lisa’s leaflet, as they wanted their funerals to be done with Lisa as they really loved what she did.

Unfortunately this was the first member in our family to pass away and was a very sad and daunting thing to go through. Lisa brought a lot of comfort and peace to us all. So again, a big thank you Lisa. X

Jayne Boyne

On Friday 9th February 2018 we said a final farewell to my wonderful Dad. Lisa performed the ceremony in the most special way possible and gave him the wonderful send-off, which he deserved.

She listened to my mum, my sister and I recall his life and wrote a lovely service which was both sad at times but also humorous as he would have wanted it.

Everybody who attended commented on what a lovely service it was. I cannot Thank Lisa enough for her professionalism and the caring way she looked after me and my family. She certainly made the hardest day ever a lot easier than what I anticipated. Thank you Lisa xx

Colleen Clegg

Thank you to Lisa. The whole day couldn’t have been any better, we were all delighted at how it went for Such a very very special Lady she would’ve been so very proud of us all!

You could almost hear her approval from the giggles and laughter during the service – exactly what she would’ve wanted. A number of people both after the service, and at the celebration of her life afterwards commented on what a lovely and beautiful service it was and how they had actually enjoyed it, if it is actually possible to enjoy such an occasion.

My Mum and I both believe that a key part of that was the thoughtful, caring and personal service you provided.
We cannot thank you enough for the lovely service you helped to write and delivered so lovingly. We were proud that we managed to capture my Nan’s personality and spirit into such a short timescale.

Thanks again, you really did play a huge part in making Nan’s send off the celebration she really did deserve.

Amy Sissions

I can’t praise Lisa enough for a beautifully written tribute to my Grandad, at his funeral yesterday, 22nd January. She is completely professional yet approachable and sensitive. She is completely professional yet approachable and sensitive. Everything we asked she delivered and she was a great help to us at this difficult time. I would highly recommend Lisa. Thank you so much. Take care xxx

Sam Haddon

I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for creating such a wonderful service for my lovely mum. We are incredibly grateful for all your efforts. It was such a beautiful celebration and I assure you we will be singing your praises to anyone who will listen.

Madeleine Broome

Lisa is brilliant at her job. I was so touched with the care and humour she showed me when we first met and talked about my darling Mum. I would actively recommend Lisa to anyone! My Mum would have loved the service – and really, that is the highest praise possible. I wish you continued success and our very best wishes x

Alyson Paviani

Thanks for the beautiful service, so well researched, planned and carried out with care, compassion and a sense of humour. Your warm personality is perfect for what you do. We would absolutely recommend you to anyone. Thank you x

Diane Ellison

What the Funeral Directors Say..

We have worked alongside Lisa Lister on numerous funeral services and the feedback we have had from our families has been outstanding. The services Lisa provides are personal and thoughtful, giving families a meaningful and memorable farewell to a loved one.

John Byrne

JT Byrne Funeral Directors

I have never received so much positive feedback from a service before from family and mourners. You did a fantastic service and we will definitely be using your services again and also recommending you to other funeral directors. Thank you once again.

Paul Beckett

J & A Porters Funeral Directors

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for yet another wonderful service at Lytham Park Crematorium. The effort and compassion you show in your services are above and beyond. 
You are Simply The Best! 

Thanks once again, looking forward to working with you again soon xx

Mark & Chris Potter

Woodlands Funerals