Nicolle and Jack’s Wedding

Unique ceremonies for all occasions

La Rochelle

26th July 2019

When Nicolle first made contact to discuss her plans for her wedding in France, she made it immediately clear that she wasn’t your average sort of a bride! 

She and Jack didn’t want formailty and fuss – what they DID want was a celebration of their love and commitment to one another; to be shared with their nearest and dearest in a way that reflected their quite unique personalities, beliefs and values.

They chose to host their event at a private villa in La Rochelle and around 30 friends and family gathered from the UK for what was an intimate and joyful celebration of their union. 

A few kind words from the Bride and Groom…

”Thank you so much to Lisa for our recent wedding in France!

Lisa wrote such a perfect bespoke ceremony for us that really suited our relationship style. In just a short time, she’d managed to get to know us & had everyone laughing & crying happy tears!

Unfortunately we decided to pick the one day of the whole French summer where it decided to rain! But Lisa was still upbeat & positive about the whole ceremony & persuaded us not to let it put a ‘dampener’ on our day!

I’m so glad we decided to do the hand fasting as Lisa suggested, as this was my favourite part & we now have a lovely wall hanging to remember this by! I’ve enjoyed reading our ceremony again & I’m sure it’ll bring as many smiles to us if we read it again in 5 years time when we open our wine box!

Thank you again Lisa ?

The Ceremony

At the very heart of Nicolle and Jack’s bespoke ceremony was their story. A story of love, and fun, and humour, and of two people who tease each opther relentlessly, but who couldn’t live without each other.

The most important thing in their lives are their two boys, Josh and Max, and they were absolutely central to both their story, and to their wedding celebration.

Nic and Jack included a very intimate and family-orientated handfasting ceremony where close family members came forward to tie ribbons which each represnted different wishes for the couple and their family. (See the lovely photos in the gallery below for more details).

They also made family promises to their sons within the ceremony, and guests were invloved throughout in various ways, in a celebration which aimed to touch and include everyone present.

We closed the ceremony with a love letter and wine box ceremony which also included an emotional reference to Nicolle’s late father; as we locked away a bottle of wine from his private collection, to be enjoyed on their 5th wedding anniversary.

The whole tone of the ceremony was relaxed, fun but most of all it was a ceremony which celebrated the story of Nicolle, Jack and their sons – just as they wanted it to be celebrated. 

Photos and Weather…

Nicolle and Jack chose not to have a professional photographer and instead a very good friend, (who is also pretty nifty behind the lens), offered to take photos of their big day. I also took a few snaps on my smart phone. Enjoy! 🙂

It’s very unlucky, but it does happen, that sometimes it rains in the summer in France – and Nic and Jack managed to pick a day where it poured for most of the day! It did however, stop for around an hour or so – just enough time for us to enjoy a very dry and very beautiful ceremony!

There is actually, an old french proverb that says that every drop of rain that falls on your wedding day, is a blessing for your marriage.

They also say, ‘Mariage Pluvieux, Mariage Heureux!’ A rainy wedding means a happy marriage!

So if this is true, Nic and Jack can look forward to the happiest and most blessed marriage EVER!!