Jas and Steve’s Wedding

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Castelnau des Fieumarcon

15th September 2018

Jas and Steve from Hong Kong chose the Gers region of France for their wedding celebrations.

Most of their 100+ guests had never met before; so what better way to introduce them, than inviting them all to a 13th century medieval village in the middle of nowhere, to see if they all get on!

Thankfully, by the day of the wedding, they were like one big happy family; the sun shone brightly and the scene was set for one fabulous wedding celebration!

The Ceremony

The couple had requested a traditional ceremony, but one that was also very laid back, humourous and intimate; so as to accurately reflect their relationship.

Over a period of several months I got to know Jas and Steve better and also understand a little bit about their personalities and about what made their relationship work so well.

This is a couple who absolutely exude love! The connection and intimacy between them was clear from the moment we started working together. They also have a great sense of humour and so it was important that their ceremony was also quite light-hearted to reflect this.

As part of their wedding ceremony, I was able to share their unique love story by talking about their love for one another, how they became engaged and what their shared aspirations are for the future. It was romantic and moving, but as ever, we also laughed quite a lot too!

Working with Jas and Steve was a privilege and a joy and I’m absolutely thrilled that they, and their guests, enjoyed their ceremony so much.

Wishing you both a long and happy future together x

A few words of gratitude from the Bride and Groom…

”We didn’t really give Lisa much to go on when we spoke with her to lay out what we wanted, all we really asked was that the ceremony was relaxed, personal and intimate for us and our guests.

As it turns out, that is all Lisa needed to make the ceremony exactly what we wanted. All of our guests commented on how they felt part of the ceremony and we loved the humour she added – it really set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

If you are looking for a personal touch, Lisa is the celebrant for you.”

Jas and Steve.

Photo credit

All photos courtesy of the very talented:

Fran Corbett

Littlewing Photos