Chloe and Stuart’s Wedding

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Chateau la Durantie

1st August 2018

The very lovely Chloe and Stuart from Herne Bay, not only celebrated their love and marriage, but also the joining and blending of their two families.

This was the day when two – officially became six!

The couple had requested a relaxed, fun and informal ceremony, which captured what was most important to them; their love for each other, but just as importantly, their love for their family.

The ceremony

The ceremony was very personal, and very funny in places, but also very sincere; at it’s heart, it focussed on Stuart and Chloe’s love for each other, for their boys and their immense commitment to their family.

Chloe and Stuart exchanged personal vows and also made promises to their sons -where they vowed to love and protect each other’s children forever.

The day was exquisitly styled  by the very talented Helaina Storey Wedding Design and I believe that the party was one to be remembered. When you all end up in the pool at the end of the night (with your wedding planner), you know it’s been a good day!!

A few words from the bride…

”What can I say….. You are AMAZING!

You managed to create a simply wonderful ceremony for a couple that honestly did not know what they really wanted!

On top of that you managed a groom that was often uncooperative and had an attack of the giggles everytime you suggested he read anything remotely mushy!!

You spent the time getting to know us and you were able to understand that our marriage was about joining our families and our children together, and you portrayed this so well throughout.

Lighthearted, funny, sincere, romantic and truly special, we can not thank you enough!

Love Mr & Mrs Askew! xxx”

…and from the Groom

”Thank you Lisa, the ceremony was lovely Chloe and I are extremely happy with all your efforts.”

This fabulous photo captures Stuart getting up close and personal with his new mother-in-law!

Photo Credit

All photos courtesy of:

Alice Cunliffe Photography