Camille and Rich’s Renewal of Vows

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A private garden in Thaims

Saturday 22nd June 2019

Camille and Rich first exchanged vows when they married on 22nd June 2009, ten years ago to the day, in a registry office, dressed in just shorts and flip flops. Camille is half British/half french and Rich is American, and they married very informally as they wanted to live and work in America together. There was no white dress, no rings, no fuss. But they always knew that ONE day they’d celebrate their love with a more formal ceremony – and today was that day!

From my very first contact with Camille and Rich, it was clear they were a couple who were as much in love today, as when they first met in Australia, many moons ago.

We met in Lancashire last winter, and during that initial meeting, and over the following few months, I started to understand more about their relationship, what a renewal of vows ceremony meant to them and what their vision for their big day was.

They shared with me their story, and what a beautiful story it was to tell!

Some lovely feedback from the couple…

”From our first meeting with Lisa in the UK, we knew we were in great hands when it came to planning a bespoke and personal vow renewal ceremony in France.

Lisa took a lot of time to get to know us as a couple and our 10-year history and delivered an amazing ceremony that was incredibly personal and touching, but also fun and light at the same time.

There was both laughter, and tears, and it was full of surprises – especially when Lisa had asked several of our friends to stand up and read out a blessing during the ceremony, which was especially poignant. We also had great fun with the time capsule wine box, which was a great way to involve those who couldn’t make it in person.

We had so many compliments on the ceremony and on Lisa’s expert and confident handling of the day (even when the father of the bride took a telephone call part way through the ceremony!!)

Lisa absolutely made the day more amazing than we could’ve envisaged and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to her for making it such a wonderful experience!

Rich & Camille x”

The Ceremony

The renewal of vows ceremony for Rich and Camille followed a very similar flow to that of a traditional wedding ceremony, but it was so much more… 

It told the story of how they’d met, how they’d got engaged, and how they’d felt about each other in the lead up to their marriage. But then it told the most romantic story of all; about how these two lovely, gentle, souls had moved around the world, supporting each other in their respective careers, and then taking time to decide what was really important to them. And ultimately they discovered and decided that what they really wanted, was to radically change their lives, so that they could spend more time being together, going on crazy adventures and spending lots of time in natural surroundings with their beautiful dog, Manu.

The ceremomy was relaxed and informal but also very romantic. Guests had assembled from both sides of the Altlantic, and for those who couldn’t make it, they were included in a love letters and wine box mini ceremony. I was also able to surprise the couple by roping in a few friends last minute to deliver a blessing. They loved it!

Camille and Rich exchanged traditional and personal vows and for the first time wore wedding rings (and Camille’s amazing ring had a whole story all to itself!).

Working with Camille and Rich, and interpreting their ideas into a meaningful ceremony was an absolute joy and a privilege, and I wish them all the very best for a long, healthy and successful continuation of their VERY happy marriage!!

Photos and Styling

Although Camille styled much of the day herself, she also employed the services of a professional to help furnish, light and decorate the beautiful gardens at her mother’s house.

The company chosen was ‘Oui Ici’, which is owned by the the very talented Samantha Webb; a wedding & event planner, based in South West France. Samantha describe’s herself as being, ‘An incurable romantic, who adores all things wedding and celebration, and is extremely organised with a passion and flair for design.’
The overall styling of the day was exquisite; an absolutely gorgeous country chic result, which looked totally professional but also effortlessly laid back and casual at the same time. Providing real inspiration for anyone wanting to hold their ceremony at home!

The photographer for the day was a family friend who was happy to share a few photos of the ceremony with us, and a few more of the photos below were catptured by either myself or Samantha Webb.

For more info about Samantha and her services go to: