Scott and Nina’s Wedding

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Castelnau des Fieumarcon

8th September 2018

Scott and Nina hired an entire 13th century fortified village in the Gers region of France to host their laid back and informal wedding celebrations.

The brief was that they wanted an informal and humourous ceremony, which didn’t necessarily comply with the usual rules!

They were also the first couple this year to not book a wedding rehearsal the day before their wedding; their attitude was that if it went a bit wrong on the day, it would simply add to the laid back feel!

I had a feeling that this one was going to be a lot of fun…!

The Ceremony

Working with Nina and Scott was a delight! From our very first contact, they were open to lots of suggestions and had many fabulous ideas of their own.

Whilst the ceremony still contained many traditional elements, it also contained a lot of surprises for their hundred plus guests.

The ring bearer was their beloved dog, Archie. They wrote and delivered their own vows; taking it in turns to deliver their wedding vows, which were both romantic and absolutely hilarious in equal measure!

We toasted the couple with a hundred shots of sambuca, they signed their wedding certificate on top of a cognac barrel and we concluded the ceremony with them both smashing glass to symbolise how they were forever changed by their entry into marriage.

A British / German Union

Nina is German and Scott is British. Although Nina speaks perfect English, some of family don’t and so it was important to also make sure they felt included within the ceremony. 

So, this could only mean one thing – I would have to speak some German! It wasn’t much, but it was appreciated by our German guests, who applauded in all the right places!

Scott and Nina wrote their own vows, which were some of the loveliest (and funniest) I’ve ever heard and so I also provided a German translation so Nina’s family could enjoy them along with everyone else!

Nina and Scott’s wedding was  a perfect example of what can be achieved by using a celebrant to create and deliver your wedding ceremony – you end up with a celebration where every little detail is totally reflective of you, your relationship and your personalities.

A wonderful testimonial…

‘’Wow!’’That’s what all of our guests said about our wedding ceremony performed by Lisa. 

When we first contacted Lisa right through to the wedding day, we felt at ease, she took total control of the ceremony which saved us great hassle and stress.

We wanted a quirky/fun and personal ceremony, nothing traditional and certainly nothing religious. Although understandably different to the normal ceremony, Lisa exceeded our expectations on this, our guests cried and laughed, and then cried with laughter, and then laughed some more!

…from the Bride and Groom

We only Skyped Lisa twice and just from those chats she picked out personal and emotional bits that were added to our ceremony, she even spoke some German for us (Nina and her family are German).

Many of our guests asked how long we have known Lisa for, as it was so personal and so “us”. Lisa really captured the love for our dog too (the ring bearer on our big day).

As bride and groom we both asked each other what our favourite part of the day was, and both agreed it was the ceremony (historically the boring bit). We cannot recommend Lisa enough!

Thanks again Lisa, we couldn’t have chosen a better celebrant…..”

And a few words from the
Best Man, Carl…

”I was best man at Scott and Nina Elliott’s wedding this weekend.

Lisa was amazing and open to the couple’s quirky requests and did a wonderful ceremony.

I would definitely recommend her and the five star treatment she gives.”

And the star of the show, Archie!

This is Archie / fur baby / ring bearer / ‘best dog’! 

The one thing that Scott and Nina were absolutely adamant about was that Archie was going to have a key role in their celebrations.

I’m delighted to report that all Scott’s training with him certainly paid off, as he glided down the aisle like a  professional, to deliver the rings to his mum and dad.

I have honestly never come across such a well behaved, well trained dog in my life. 

Well done Archie, you stole the show!

And finally, a review from the photographer…

”Lisa is EXACTLY the person a nervous bride and groom need to steer them through their wedding ceremony.

From when she came to talk to the bride during the preparations, Lisa was calm yet efficient. It was the same case when she headed to speak to the groom and his groomsmen.

She is extremely professional yet warm and friendly. I could tell that she had gone to great lengths to find out about the couple. 

The ceremony was handled perfectly. There were snippets of humour to keep things light and everything ran like clockwork. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lisa.”

Photo Credit

All photos are courtesy of the very lovely and hugely talented:

Fran Corbett
Littlewing Photos