Annabel and Oliver’s Wedding

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Chateau la Gauterie

18th August 2018

The sun shone perfectly as this fabulous couple embarked on their greatest adventure yet; as they promised to commit to spending the rest of their lives together.

Annabel and Oliver were a British bride and an Australian groom, who live in Singapore and whose friends and families had gathered from all four corners of the globe to witness their very beautiful and effortlessly stylish wedding.

Not surprisingly, travel and adventure was a theme which ran throughout their entire wedding day…

The Ceremony

Annabel and Oliver requested a ceremony  which closely resembled a traditional Anglican wedding ceremony; but omitting any religious references or anything too contemporary.

Whilst keeping within this request, I also added many personal elements which made Annabel and Oliver’s ceremony one which truly reflected their fun personalities and their very different characters.

We included their strengths, their annoying habits and everything else that serves to make their union so unique. We talked a lot of love and included a section where they heard what each of them loves most about the other. They also exchanged their own very personal and very funny wedding vows.

We concluded the ceremony with the surprise addition of a love letters and wine ceremony. The number 8 was very significant to the couple and  so 8 letters from their nearest and dearest were placed, along with a good bottle of red, into a wine box. It was then sealed by hammering in 8 bronze nails and is to be opened on their 8th wedding anniversary. And, they loved it!!

The ceremony was traditional but it was also one that was very personal and a true reflection of their relationship. It included a LOT of humour and was very much enjoyed by everyone attending! 

The Chapel at the Chateau 

Although originally they had thought they’d hold the ceremony outside, I advised them that the chapel at Chateau la Gauterie would be the perfect setting. Not only would it provide all the ‘feels’ of  a traditional ceremony but it would also help keep their guests cool. Once they saw the chapel for themselves, they fell in love with the space and the florist and Annabel’s very talented mother decorated it beautifully!

A few words from the Bride and Groom

”We very much enjoyed the ceremony and working with you!

The whole thing was great, you were very attentive and gave us loads of detail we didn’t think to include before. ‘

The ceremony was much loved by all!”

What the Mother of the Bride had to say…

”Dear Lisa
We have just arrived back home in Singapore after such a beautiful wedding for Annabel and Oliver. 

The day was made so very special by your amazingly thoughtful wedding ceremony for which we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

We feel sure that both Annabel and Oliver will remember the ceremony as the ‘icing on their cake ‘ for years and years to come .

With kind regards and much love

…and finally a few words from the wonderful Portuguese photographer, Jesus Caballero

”I photographed a wedding with Lisa as celebrant at Chateau La Gauterie in August 2018. 

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing wedding ceremony you organized. Not only as a professional but as a real natural and close human being. I loved your style, the committed with the couple story and by my side, your sense of beauty for the couple´s legacy with the photography. 

Thank you for making it all so easy and relaxed, and I hope our paths cross again soon. Keep doing so great.”

Photo credit

All photgraphs courtesy of:

Jesus Caballero