Civil Partnerships

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Civil Partnerships

It became legal for same sex couples to have their relationships recognised in the same way as mixed-sex couples, with a legal and binding contract known as a Civil Partnership, on 21st December 2005.

Legal Requirements

A Civil Partnership contract has to be signed and witnessed in front of a registrar who can also offer to conduct the whole ceremony for you. However, this type of ceremony is very restrictive and is usually quite short. If you want to make your ceremony more special and meaningful to you, this is where I can help. You have two choices;

1. Do the legal bit at the register office and have the ceremony (the most important part of the day) at any other location. This can be just about anywhere and at any time! It doesn’t have to be in a venue that is licensed for marriages and this can be a great way to cut costs.  As an Independent Celebrant, I would be delighted to lead your bespoke ceremony that we will have designed and written together.

2. Or you can invite the registrar to a licensed venue to sign the register and then continue the ceremony with me. This will result in you having a ceremony that is so much more personal and special, written around you as a couple.

Commitment Ceremonies

Or if you prefer, you can have a Commitment Ceremony without the need for visiting the Register Office first. This type of ceremony has no legal standing but can be a very special option for those who are unable to comply with the legal requirements for a Civil Partnership.

If you’d like a highly personal and bespoke ceremony to celebrate your union, please get in touch and we can start planning your perfect day!